Lis Marie Diehl, project coordinator



studies rehabilitation sciences at the University of Dortmund at the subdivision aesthetic education. She focuses on music as well as social and job-related rehabilitation. She gathered her experiences within the diverse fields of rehabilitation in germany and abroad. Since 2008 she works as a consultant for the proof of key competences in culture for the confederation of cultural education as well for the regional program "Kultur macht Schule" at a primary school in Dortmund.

Since January 2008 she works as a project coordinator on constructing palaixbrut.



Christoph Grothaus, artistic director

Sophia Krey-Kolios, project manager


studied sociology at the University of Bielefeld with thematic priorities on stystem theory and politics of technology and science as well as sociology, psychology and educational science at the University of Kassel. Since 2000 she works as a freelancing systemic consultant and coach. As a moderator and trainer she specialised in the field of teambuilding and conflictmanagement. Another special subject of her competences is coaching and job-training for people with disabilities. Beyond that Sophia Krey-Kolios operates in artsistic fields, mainly with performative techniques. Besides her artistic participations she consults and realises international art-projects in Germany and abroad and works on publications concerning this matter.

Since January 2008 Sophia Krey-Kolios works as a project manager on constructing palaixbrut.



Roland Laussat, project support



studies systems engineering at the faculties of software development and cryptology at the University of Duisburg-Essen and London Greenwich. Since 1999 he works as an IT-supporter in various projects, his main subjects are IT-security and web-design. Roland Laussat is a guitarist and performed with several bands and projects as a musician and actor.

Since January 2008 Roland Laussat works as a project supporter on constructing palaixbrut.



supported by


Kianoosh Vahabi, artist and architect, IOAA, Teheran


Ralf Powierowski, graphic, Hamburg / Berlin