an "inclusive" art project for the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan area

palaixbrut is a long-term project whose goal is to structurally expand the frame of cultural work in the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan area, upon the combination of art and disability and to present this in an international context. Young artists, either with or without disabilities, have been invited to participate. The project is divided into five phases and concludes with the inauguration of a center that provides further professional training and production resources within its divisions of music, fine arts, dance, performance and media. In the practical phase of the project, artistic exchange and discourse will be activated for over a period of 3 years. Through this, artists will work together with international cooperation partners on new, innovative and experimental forms of creative expression as well as the development of their own personal projects. The international collaborations and coproductions created will be shown for the first time in the context of the European Cultural Capital Ruhr in 2010.

Universities both domestic as well as from abroad, whose curricula are specifically geared towards cultural- and rehabilitation sciences, will accompany palaixbrut across its five phases. Evaluation, documentation and the resulting knowledge coming from the project will secure sustainable planning and alternatives for implementing existing as well as new projects through and beyond palaixbrut and the region. International cooperation partners take the project from a regional to an international context and make possible the opportunity for a sustainable exchange.